Team India – or 30 cr. Stress Management

Field trip in India – Strategic Leadership Development

Team India – or 30 cr. Stress Management

Risk management and hard work

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“Executive week”


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This six course Japanese dinner made a welcome break in the curry-in-a-pot kind of food that Team India has created a fairly close acquaintanceship with. Our dedicated chef was unmistakably very pleased by finally find himself in actually cooking food this week. Team India was also exhilarated by having the opportunity to practice risk management in terms of raw fish, shellfish, vegetables and pork in India

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By spending one hour in a car, we managed to find some pleasure in contrast to all the business that we have encountered so far. This resulted in some empowerment from Lacost, which substantially increased the moral within the team, so goes for the first drinkable cup of coffee for the first time in 3 weeks.

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Everyday on the 12th level, there is a risk to take, the pollution is heavy and makes the eyes burn and the lungs to be neatly stressed. However it is quite beneficial for the ergonomic to switch work space when the post-it exercises really gets  you.

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